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Read This If Your Tired Of Waking Up To The Same Shit Just a Different Day.

What is it that You are looking for?
If I asked you, most likely you would say something like, I want to be Healthy, I want to be Happy or I want to Have $$$$ and Freedom.
Why haven’t you achieved this?
If these couple things are the root wants of almost every human being on earth why has no one cracked the code. Why isn’t it common knowledge?
That’s because we are all different, each one of us is unique. We all have similar wants but the road we must each take is different.
So why do courses, groups, programs all try to use the same formula for everyone?
If we are all so different, what make you think that a one size fits all approach that most people use is going to work…
It Won’t….
I found this out the hard way by spending more than a Lamborghini Costs on courses, mentors, and programs.
You know what worked for me? Finding the right mentor, and the right program that fit with who I was as a person.
I went on to Make a Million Dollars that year…
I would go on to grow many companies, sell them and Focus my time on writing my book “I’ll Be Happy When” which became an International Best Seller.
Throughout this Process I realized a couple things. I love teaching and helping people succeed, and my way of doing things was completely different.
I break down things by Who You are as a person, only then do we move on to how to design a life that fits You.
What I realized was that in order for you or me or anyone to make money and have success it took Two Parts.
There is the business side or “How To” Which walks you through the exact process I used to go from Bankrupt to a Million Dollar Business in a year. It’s not only worked for me but thousands of others.
The Second Part that is Crucial is training your Brain how to process your thoughts to allow You to be successful.
You like most people have a lot of mental baggage, things that you picked up from Childhood and Adulthood. These have to be corrected or you will keep banging your head against the wall doing the same things wondering why you can never seem to find success.
That’s why this is called Defining My Happiness, You are Defining Your Own Happiness.
That’s the Difference, We are designing a life You want with the Happiness and Income You want.
That way You get exactly what You are Looking for.
I started this to help people, just like you. I created some pretty awesome things in my life and learned a thing or two on how to get you from Where you are, To Where you want to be.
You get My Zero to One Million in 12 Months Course, My Mindset Mastery Course, Our Private Community and A copy of my Best Selling Book "I'll Be Happy When"
And You Get it all for $19. For What it Costs You to Eat Dinner tonight You can Change Your Life and Get off that Hamster Wheel that Feels Like Groundhog Day.