What Is Defining My Happiness?

Defining My Happiness is a Community, It’s an Education platform with Courses, and It’s a place where We do Weekly Live Trainings on the exact issues you are facing. I created this platform for You. We all have our own crazy pasts and lives.  Your not alone. If you’ve read my book “I’ll Be Happy When….” You know I struggled with being stuck in my own head most of my life. I had the things that most people dream of yet I would still say I’ll be happy when I get that house or  or …    It’s not about your external world, it’s all about whats inside. Because no matter what I did when I got to my “I’ll Be Happy When” moment I still wasn’t happy I usually didn’t even acknowledge that I made it to that point I just moved onto the next “I’ll Be Happy When..  As I started sharing my story with people I realized I wasn’t alone. People from all walks of life, income levels and different backgrounds were struggling with the same things. I set out and created a formula, a way to beat those voices in my head to finally be able to enjoy my life and to be truly happy. Once I started putting all the pieces of the puzzle together I realized this was to powerful not to share. 

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The hardest part of following your dreams is feeling like you are on this trip all alone.  That's why a community of people just like you supporting you and helping you on your journey is so important. Our community was built on the premise that we can do more as a group than we can as individuals. We will be there for you to celebrate your wins as well as help guide you through the rough times.


One of my Favorite quotes is "I Know What I Don't Know" What does that mean? I learn from others who have the information I need to achieve what I am looking to do. We Include our How To Start an Online Business Course so You can regain Your Freedom back to Live Your Life on Your Terms. We also Include Our Defining Your Happiness Course. It will give you the Roadmap to Finding Your Own "Happy Place" By Breaking down for YOU exactly what makes you Happy. 

Live Trainings

We will be doing weekly live trainings where you can ask questions and get the exact answers you are looking for. I will be using my ten's of thousands of hours of training as well as my real life experiences. We will also be bringing in Special Guests from all different backgrounds to give you multiple perspectives and information to help you.  

Who are You?

We all have a crazy past or life to this point. If you've read my book "I'll Be Happy When...." You know about mine. Each and every one of us is meant to do something great, to impact this world, and to live a happy and fulfilled life. I learned what makes me happy and fulfilled is helping people just like you figure out who they are and where they need to go.  I'm not big on regrets, but if I had one.. It would be not asking for help sooner. I know it is honorable to think that you can go at this all alone,  but why make it so hard?  Why not learn the exact steps to get what your after, to Define Your Own Happiness. 

Why Now?

Every decision you have made in your life has lead you to this exact point. Think about that for a second. Is your life where you want it to be? Are you Happy with your life? Be honest with yourself. Even when I had everything most people dream of I still wasn't happy.  It wasn't until I started looking for answers of why I always felt drained, why my batteries always seemed to be on empty that things started getting better. I ask you this if not now when? If you don't start making different decisions Now nothing will change. 


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